Guinness The Story of the World's Greatest Beer

Yenne, Bill

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Yenne, Bill
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A perfectly poured history of the world's greatest beer. "Joseph Conrad was wrong. The real journey into the Heart of Darkness is recounted within the pages of Bill Yenne's fine book. Guinness (the beer) is a touchstone for brewers and beer lovers the world over. Guinness (the book) gives beer enthusiasts all the information and education necessary to take beer culture out of the clutches of light lagers and back into the dark ages. Cheers!" - Sam Calagione, owner, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and author of Brewing Up a Business, Extreme Brewing, and Beer or Wine? "Marvelous! As Bill Yenne embarks on his epic quest for the perfect pint, he takes us along on a magical tour into the depths of all things Guinness. Interweaving the tales of the world's greatest beer and the nation that spawned it, Yenne introduces us to a cast of characters worthy of a dozen novels, a brewery literally dripping with history, and-of course-the one-and-only way to properly pour a pint. You can taste the stout porter on every page." - Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with PicturesYenne, Bill is the author of 'Guinness The Story of the World's Greatest Beer', published 2007 under ISBN 9780470120521 and ISBN 0470120525.

...Guinness Storehouse: Great story of the worlds greatest beer - See 46,636 traveler reviews, 32,684 candid photos, and great deals for Dublin, Ireland, at Tripadvisor ... Top Guinness Beer Types You Shouldn't Miss | Today Top ... ... . Guinness Advertising Story. There was a pelican portrayed on the first advertising Guinness poster, who was doing his best to hold a pint of beer on his beak. This was followed by an even more successful series of posters with a depicted ostrich, with the stuck pint of beer in the throat. It was an interesting advertising move. The company emphasized that the essence of the advertising message ... Michael Ash is one such man - he invents Guinness Dr ... Our Story | Guinness® ... . It was an interesting advertising move. The company emphasized that the essence of the advertising message ... Michael Ash is one such man - he invents Guinness Draught's distinctive 'surge and settle' effect and the world's first nitro beer. And with a skilful pairing of nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide, Guinness Draught is born. Distinguished by its velvet-smooth texture and legendary stormy surge upon pouring, Guinness Draught brews up a storm all of its own by establishing itself as the ... The ground floor tells the story of the beer's four ingredients (water, barley, hops and yeast). The brewery tour starts in largest beer glass in the world. It would take 14.3 million pints to fill the giant glass atrium in the centre of the Guinness Storehouse building. The book recounting record-breaking achievements from all existing disciplines across the world is now on its 63rd edition and continues to be a bestseller. But did you know that the idea of this ... Our most iconic beer was developed in 1959 by our brewers' and launched as a celebration of the 200 years anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing his 9,000-year lease. It established itself as the top-selling Guinness beer with lightning speed. Drinkers were instantly drawn to its complexity and bold combination of flavours. Guinness® Our Beers. Brewing Guinness® Our Craft. The History of Guinness® Our Story. Guinness® Advertising. Food & Drink Recipes & Pairings. Guinness Six Nations. Visit Guinness® Storehouse. Follow Guinness. Beers around the world. Rest of the world. Loading... Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout. Loading... Guinness® Nitro IPA (Only available in the USA) Loading... Guinness® Smooth ... Here are fifteen reasons why Guinness is indisputably Ireland's greatest beer. 1. It's good for you At 198 calories a pint, Guinness is better for the waistline than most non-light beers. Archive Fact Sheet: The History...