Trade With Passion and Purpose Spiritual, Psychological and Philosophical Keys to Becoming a Top Trader

Whistler, Mark

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Whistler, Mark
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"Well conceived and executed-any trader will find this a fascinating read." -Rich BlakeSenior Editor, Trader Monthly magazine"Knowing yourself is one of the most important, but perhaps most overlooked, aspects of trading. In Trade with Passion and Purpose, Mark Whistler has a fascinating and unique take on the subject. I'd highly recommend this book for any trader who is serious about improving their craft." -Cory JanssenCofounder,"An indispensable resource for anyone who intends to trade for a profit on a regular basis . . . Mark Whistler has outlined and detailed an intangible skill set all successful traders must possess. You simply can't get it anywhere else." -Alex WilliamsManaging Director, Investment University, www.investmentu.comWhistler, Mark is the author of 'Trade With Passion and Purpose Spiritual, Psychological and Philosophical Keys to Becoming a Top Trader', published 2007 under ISBN 9780470039083 and ISBN 0470039086.

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