Strategic Alliances Governance And Contracts

Reuer, Jeffrey J., Arino, Africa, Ariio, Africa

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Reuer, Jeffrey J., Arino, Africa, Ariio, Africa
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This collection of articles by leading scholars addresses questions on the governance and contractual mechanisms underlying alliances.Reuer, Jeffrey J. is the author of 'Strategic Alliances Governance And Contracts', published 2006 under ISBN 9781403995926 and ISBN 1403995923.

... alliances as discrete governance structures (e ... PDF Strategic Alliances & Models of Collaboration ... .g., alliances vs. M&A, equity vs. non‐equity agreements), we investigate their particular contractual features. The analysis examines the dimensionality of the contractual complexity construct and investigates the determinants of firms' adoption of various contractual provisions. We find two ... Beyond Contracts: Governing Structures in Non-Equity Alliances ABSTRACT Non-equity alliances are often portrayed in the literature as purely contractual collaborative agreements. This paper questions the notion that contract ... PDF Governance Structure of Strategic Alliances - Evidences ... ... . This paper questions the notion that contractual safeguards and incentives alone provide the formal governance mechanisms that undergird non-equity alliances. We argue and Audit Pricing for Strategic Alliances: An Incomplete Contract Perspective Abstract We study the pricing of audit services for strategic alliances, a governance structure involving an incomplete contract between separate firms. Since incomplete contracts do not specify all future contingencies, we expect that the non-verifiability of information Executive Summary. Reprint: R0711H. Corporate alliances are growing in number—by about 25% a year—and account for up to a third of revenues and value at many companies. What does "alliance governance" mean to you?It seeks to create a climate of equity and collaboration by guiding the design of mutually productive policies, structures and processes.It sets the tone from the top (by leaders) to create alignment by defining, monitoring and adapting principles and policies to alliance stakeholders' motivators ("strategic intent" and external ... strategic alliance governance, in: T.K. Das (ed.) Interpartner Dynamics in Strategic Alliances, pp. 55-71, Charlotte, ... Structural governance involves the use of contracts, monitoring and ... The resource combinations that create value in alliances may be very costly, if not impossible, to imitate if: successful strategic alliances are often based on socially complex relations among partners - development of trust relationships (interpersonal communication, tolerance for cultural differences, patience, willingness to sacrifice short-term profits for longer-term success); causal ... STRATEGIC ALLIANCES: LEGAL AND ETHICAL CHALLENGES Mary C. Szto* I. INTRODUCTION In recent years, the trends of globalization and technological innovation have made strategic alliances1 more critical for business success and profitability. Companies have varied reasons for entering into a strategic alliance. Some, in search of greater efficiency and flexibility, pare down by selling off ... The purpose of this study is to uncover how two critical governance mechanisms—trust (goodwill trust and competence trust) and formal contracts—affect knowledge leakage in strategic alliances. Based on a formal conceptualization of knowledge leakage and the empirical test, we draw conclusions with the following highlights. First, competence trust is the most effective safeguard against ... The prime provider model is a significant variation on the prime contractor model in which the contracted organisation also delivers care directly as part of the agreement. The prime provider could be a new or existing provider from within the local health economy, or a consortium of providers and 'integrators'. management processes and governance mechanisms are clear with defined roles and responsibilities at appropriate levels of seniority. Make sure contracts have a documented Contract Management Plan. 3. Establish and use strong governance arrangements to manage risk and enable strategic oversight; ensure that governance structures are proportionate to size and risk of contracts, are suitably ......